The Rogue’s Gallery Collection

You can’t be expected to play the hero all the time, can you? These dark, intense fragrances walk on the wild side and don’t take the time to be subtle. Are you brave enough to release them into the world?

Joke’s On You

Comedy and tragedy collide in the bottle: it’s a knife hidden inside a banana cream pie to the face, a “Bang!” flag in a gun, a jack-in-the-box filled with explosives. When you’ve lost track of where the line is between comic mischief and true evil, this fragrance will make sure you never find your way home – at least not in one piece.

Harlequin’s Kiss

Sugar and spice and not very nice! Pink peppercorns add a pungent kick to this sugary blend of bubblegum and birthday cake, which in turn is punctuated by fresh blood, splintered wood, and heavy face paint. Who’s laughing now?

One Man’s Poison

Did somebody say “green thumb?” This fragrance is a veritably verdant explosion of greens and florals. It begins with a dark, rich top note of creeping vines and clinging ivy that climb into a fresh, meadowy scent of long grass, lilacs, and roses, and finish with a sweetly seductive and dangerously hypnotic base note.

Kitty’s Got Claws

The living definition of femme fatale, the cat burglar who wears this scent loves luxury, thrill-seeking, mischief, and getting her own way. Revel in sweet, musky cream, tight, black leather, and bright, shining jewels, while you decide where you stand this week – are you on the side of the angels? The devil’s advocate? Or somewhere within your own grey-shaded moral code?


This is the perfume of an ancient and powerful goddess, one who has slumbered long in deep, forgotten ruins covered over with top notes of decaying greenery, dry leaves, and centuries of dust. Will you be the one to set her free and awaken the sleeping base notes of patchouli, ripened fruits, and succulent berries?