The Fairy Tale Princess Collection

Primarily feminine fragrances, these perfumes are for the powerful princess who wants to make up her own mind and write her own story.

A Daughter of Triton

A simple, clean mix of aquatic flowers punctuated by a breathtaking ocean breeze, this perfume may seem quiet at first, but given the chance to stand on its own two legs, will become an indispensable part of your world.

An Eternal Winter

This complex blend of Norwegian berries, edelweiss, and freshly fallen snow settles nicely over a velvety layer of evergreen and chocolate fondue for a perfume meant for ruling your own heart, your own mind, and your own kingdom.

A Dream So Familiar

A single base note of sleeping opium winds gradually through this fragrance like a thorny rose stem, lending a touch of wildness to the polished and austere heart notes of rosewood and the berries and straw of a humble woodland cottage, layered over on top with soft rose petals.

A Frog’s Kiss

A warm, delicious mixture of sweet potato, powdered sugar, and honey, blended with juniper, magnolia, and standing water – perfect for the foodie at heart with jazz in her soul!

A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle

This fragrance opens with a sweet, sunny meadow and thick reams of well-read paper, layered over fresh baguettes and a single dying rose, and underscored with cobweb-laden castle walls, an abandoned and forlorn library, and an ominous hint of animal musk.

A Mad Tea Party

Savor the sweet scent of madness! Sweetened tea and raspberry tarts, thorny roses (both red and white), and the innocence of milk and honey dance a quadrille over opium, cannabis, and absinthe.

A Little Pixie Dust

Watch out – this fragrance may seem all sweetness and light, but it has a jealous bite! Light, airy florals give way to sharply envious green notes topped with a generous sparkling of fairy dust.

A Gleam and a Glow

A happy, whimsical explosion of flowers and sunshine, with just a teeny dash of turpentine and cast iron – almost like someone with paint on her hands has been egregiously misusing a frying pan.

A Glass Slipper

This magical fragrance begins with a carefree sparkle of fairy dust and granted wishes in a blooming garden of violets, lilac, and hyacinth, but subtle notes of hard-working soap and an odd touch of pumpkin hint the mysterious young lady at the ball has an altogether different story.

A Memory of December

They say that scents are the strongest carriers of memory… What forgotten images from your past will find their way to the surface when you inhale this mysterious blend of snowy landscapes, train smoke, Parisian champagne, brimstone, and, above all, peppermint oil worthy of a dowager empress?