Ouija Broads

These unique, otherworldly scents evoke the strange stories about interesting history, science, and legends from the Pacific Northweird, including the musky Bigfoot, ghostly Gray Lady, and enigmatic Raleigh Faulkner. Check out OuijaBroads.com for more about the podcast!

Manito Park

The promenade of yesteryear’s gentry, the ground for Manito Park is lovingly laid with undertones of greenery and musk. Then, scents from the award-winning rose and lilac gardens waft on the breeze to mingle with exotic jasmine and Victorian tuberose in a turn-of-the-scent-ury blend that’s anything but old fashioned.

Shanghai Tunnels

Alluring scents draw you into an unfamiliar corner of the city… but keep your wits about you or you’ll find yourself out to sea. This opulent perfume features notes of Pekoe tea, jasmine, lemongrass, and opium, with delicate notes of rain, apples, and the ocean breeze.

Gray Lady

In the cliffside lighthouse lingers a presence otherworldly, yet gentle. This lovely scent combines brisk notes of saltwater with ladylike violet and chamomile.


Deep in the evergreen rainforest, mist hangs in the air and a velvety silence fills your ears. Did you catch a glimpse of something among the pines and cedars? Or was your imagination playing tricks on you? The woodsy undertone of grass, and moss finds you through the trees. Does this masculine, musky scent precede a hirsute forest prince? I want to believe.

Mt. Saint Helens

Across a meadow, the Pacific Northwest’s fiery granddame appears. Deeper notes of pine, smoke, and wild cannabis are lightened by the sweet scent of west coast huckleberries and the clean scent of cotton.


The rolling hills of a very special ecosystem open up in front of you in tones of green and gold. The earthy scent of loam and grass rises to blend with notes of sweet honey and lily of the valley.

Raleigh Faulkner

A man with a storied past, and a stranger future. Raleigh Faulkner (or is it Rolly? Fremont? Falconer?) is a scent as enigmatic as its namesake: masculine, and slightly musky, implying a long history of smoke, drink, and underhanded dealings with just a hint that somebody’s been peaching.

Pike Place

Your nose is pulled in every direction as you walk through this bustling market. Strong coffee, sweet produce, and a salty sea breeze predominate in the notes that seize your senses.