Custom Fragrances

Looking for a fragrance that’s uniquely you?

Want to give a truly one-of-a-kind gift?

Elden Fragrances offers bespoke perfumes and colognes, custom-crafted to appeal to your exact tastes.

The process begins with an initial questionnaire, to get a brief impression of your aims. We will then contact you to schedule a half-hour consultation to clarify and expand on the scents you desire. After that, just leave it to us!

When we believe we’ve created a flawless fragrance for you, we’ll provide you with a one-dram sample; this is both to ensure that you love your new scent, and that it blends well with your body chemistry, so we recommend wearing it for a full day to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

When you’re ready, you’ll follow up with us to let us know if there are any adjustments we can make, or if you’re already in love. If necessary, we’ll provide you with one or two additional samples to keep you in the loop on any major changes to your formula.

Once you give us the go-ahead on the finished fragrance, we’ll present it to you in an attractive bottle or atomizer of your choice. We’ll also keep your formula in our records for a full year after your purchase, just in case you can’t get enough!

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