The Assembled Vengeance Collection

These bright, metallic fragrances stand strong for what they believe in, and they’ll be there for you when you need to take on the world. Who needs an army?

Bast’s Panther

Feral feline musk underlies this fragrance’s rich middle notes of sweeping African plains and life-giving herbs, edged by a mysterious metallic gleam.

Cold Shoulder

All-American apple trees and towering Russian cedars war within this complex and conflicted scent, overlaid with metallic blood and steel and a powdering of fresh snow.


This bold scent has an ominously commanding presence. Its smoky, metallic notes have little patience for wasting time or words, but will always return when you need them most.

Glorious Purpose

A refined and commanding scent, with notes of intoxicating absinthe, cold frost, and rich amber musk that will bring your audience to their knees.


A rugged, musky scent fortified with Nordic pines and steely starmetal, sure to create sparks wherever you wear it.

Hawk Guy

A bold and energetic fragrance with base notes of stacked firewood and old farm equipment, a zing of resin and bowstring wax, and floating top notes of Coney Island popcorn.

Playboy Philanthropist

Racing fumes, fizzy champagne, and cold, hard cash — this unapologetically high-octane scent of smoke, pepper, and steel will never hesitate to tell you exactly who it is.

Red Ledger

Floral top notes of roses and Russian wildflowers belie this scent’s underlying strength in leather and gunpowder, shot through with a sharp electric bite.


At first glance, this is a dry, academic fragrance of paper, chalk, and ink, but as the top notes fade, you might find an entirely different creature hiding underneath.

Assembled Vengeance Collection


This enthusiastically patriotic fragrance will march into battle for you with its notes of apple pie, gleaming gunmetal, and classic 40s cologne.


This calm, subtle fragrance may not draw the same attention as its flashier compatriots, but there is something authoritative about its strong, reliable presence — this is a scent that will never let you down.