The Space Cowboy Collection

Heavy on the dust and smoke, these fragrances are for big damn heroes just looking for a little peace of mind and a patch of sky to call their own.

The Rogue’s Gallery Collection

You can’t be expected to play the hero all the time, can you? These dark, intense fragrances walk on the wild side and don’t take the time to be subtle. Are you brave enough to release them into the world?

Assembled Vengeance

These bright, metallic fragrances stand strong for what they believe in, and they’ll be there for you when you need to take on the world. Who needs an army?

Ouija Broads

The Ouija Broads are Devon and Liz, two lifelong friends and Pacific Northwesterners who tell each other strange stories about interesting history, science, and legends from their weird corner of the country.

Wizard’s Feast Candles

These yummy-smelling candles will waft magical fragrances throughout your home. Lacarnum inflamarae!

Custom Fragrances

Looking for a fragrance that’s uniquely you?
Want to give a truly one-of-a-kind gift?