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What is Elden Fragrances?

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Elden Fragrances creates fandom-inspired perfumes, colognes, and candles modeled after beloved pop culture heroes, villains, and settings.

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Elden Fragrances is a “by fans, for fans” perfumery, handcrafting candles and personal scents inspired by some of the most beloved fandoms. From cult classic TV shows to superhero summer blockbusters, from princesses to potterheads, fans can channel their favorite characters on a new level with Elden’s perfumes and colognes.

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If you’re the sort of person who’s wished your home could smell like Hogsmeade, who’s wanted to channel Tony Stark’s confidence when you walk into the boardroom, or whose date night isn’t complete without a sparkling of Cinderella on the air around you, you’ll probably find something to love at Elden Fragrances. On a mission to provide a more personal and heartfelt alternative to generic fragrances, this North Carolina-based perfumery brings some of the most beloved pop culture heroes, villains, and settings to life in a new — and aromatic! — way with oil-based perfumes and colognes and eco-friendly soy candles.

Where is Elden Fragrances?

Elden Fragrances is a cottage industry conducted out of the owner, Ellen Walsh’s, home in central North Carolina. You can find their products online at or keep up with their important announcements, giddy fangirling, and cheesy memes on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also find them in person at conventions, craft fairs, and fan events in the Raleigh area and across the East Coast. Check out their Events page for updates on where you can next catch them!

Who is Elden Fragrances?

Ellen Walsh has been perfuming as a hobby since she was a child, when she received a “make your own” scent kit for her eighth birthday. She even still has some of the perfumes she made back then!

As she grew older and geekier and fell in love with some of her favorite fandoms, she combined her two passions by blending fan fragrances inspired by some of the characters she admired – first for herself, then as gifts for friends and family, and finally she took the plunge and launched Elden Fragrances as a sole proprietorship in 2017.

With the support and assistance of her partner James, she handles everything from the perfume development itself, to production and shipping, to site maintenance and social media management, and everything else that goes into running a small crafting business (she’s writing this paragraph in third person, too!).

Collaborations & Connections

Elden Fragrances is proud to have partnered and cross-promoted with a variety of cosplayers, podcasters, and other wonderful members of the fandom community!

  • You can check out the Ouija Broads collection crafted in partnership with the Ouija Broads podcast, where best friends Liz and Devon tell spooky stories and historical accounts of the Pacific Northweird!
  • You might find Elizabeth Arkham sporting scents like Harlequin’s Kiss at local fan conventions – be sure to ask for a photo op! Also stay tuned for a more extensive series of new scents and cosplay art to be released Halloween 2020!
  • Hear more from Ellen about her favorite scents and fandoms as she talks with Kristen Chavez of Your Biggest Fangirl at 2019’s Galaxycon.
  • Elden Fragrances is working with Fairchild Cosplay on a limited edition exclusive fragrance inspired by a brand new character.

What the Fans Say

I bought a small bottle of Kitty’s got Claws at Supercon, and it is amazing! You can smell different notes throughout it, and it makes it very versatile. I definitely plan on buying more, and hope that maybe you will venture into wax melts for warmers and not just candles!

Katherine H.

I went to Raleigh SuperCon and I got the Enchanted perfume and I’m in LOVE. I’ve been complimented a lot on how wonderful it smells. It really does feel like you’re in a fairy tale when you smell it.  ♥ I will be buying more!

Sarah W.

While at Raleigh Supercon I got some scents and a candle, and ohmagosh they are amazing! Everything smells so good, I will definitely be shopping Elden Fragrances in the near future♥

Grace J.